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As an online food seller, we have the obligation and desire to represent our products as accurately as possible to our customers, so you can make the best purchasing decisions possible. 
We do our absolute best to ensure that the information displayed for each product on our website is accurate and up-to-date and try to make as much information from the product label available to you. However, certain aspects of product representation will always be subjective, and as such, we present the following guide to how we try to represent our products, what we can and cannot do, and what types of omissions and/or errors we will consider as 'product not as described' for return or refund purposes.
Images are strictly representative. This means that the product you receive might look different to the one pictured on the web. Again, whilst we do our upmost to keep the images of our products current, suppliers often change the branding, colour and packaging of products, sometimes without even warning us, so it can take time for the image on our site to be updated. Please consider the image to be a guide only (although 95% of the time it will be an exact representation of what you will receive). 
If presentation or the exact look of the product is extremely important to you, please consider contacting us prior to purchase to check. We will not consider a product that is visually different to be 'not as described'.
 This is arguably the most subjective part of the representation of a product. We do our best to describe the product accurately and to transmit the key characteristics as we see them (i.e., taste, smell, colour, texture). Please note though, that these aspects of a product are subject to intense debate - what we consider to be crunchy, you may consider to be hard etc. We will not consider a product to be 'not as described' based on different interpretations of the product description.
 Product naming conventional surrounding international foods are quite specific and complex. If you are interested in our policy on how we choose to name our products, especially with reference to protected naming conventions, please read this article which goes into the problem in detail. We will not consider a product to be 'not as described' based on different interpretations of the product name.
 It goes without saying that we take great pains to provide accurate and up-to-date ingredients and allergy information for all products. Unfortunately however, suppliers have a tendency to make alterations to ingredients without letting us know, so there may be occasions where ingredients are not exactly as specified on our website. In cases where ingredients are not as specified on the website, we will accept the product as 'not as described' and be happy to provide a return/refund should the product no longer be acceptable to you.
 We provide an indication of where the product is made, but you should keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean that all or some of the raw ingredients for that product originate in the same area. Please understand that it is extremely common for Spanish factories to use imported raw food materials, like fish and vegetables, in supermarket style products - products that use only Spanish national raw materials are often sold in gourmet outlets, gourmet packaging and at gourmet prices. Whilst we try to specify the origin of raw materials where we can, these can change from season to season and batch to batch, so it is often not possible for us to specify this information online. 
We can obtain this information if needed, so please contact us if the origin of raw materials is of importance to you.
 'Manufacturer' refers to the actual factory that produces an item, whereas 'brand' refers to the name under which it is brought to market. Whilst the former is an important part of the characteristics of the product, the latter is subject to change without affecting the quality or characteristics of the product. 
Therefore, from time to time, suppliers might make identical products available under different brand names. We will not consider a product to be 'not as described' due to a different brand being supplied, so long as this brand is from the same manufacturer. WEIGHT/CONTENTS We provide both shipping weight and contents weight on our website. 
The shipping weight is an estimate and non-binding. The contents size of the product will, unless specified, be the net weight, but not the drained weight. So, for example, for products containing food preserved in oil or brine, you should expect the drained weight to be significantly less than the net weight. 
This is standard industry practice and where possible we will always try to specify the drained weight as well. Please also not that suppliers can change their product specification slightly, so that a product described as a 110g format might actually contain 111g or 109g. Finally, some of our deli-style products are sold on an 'approximate weight' basis. 
These products vary naturally in size due to variable curing/drying or other processes and so it is impossible to predict the final contents size of the product with accuracy. In these cases we specify an approximate weight as a guide, but you should consider the item to be sold on a 'per unit' basis, rather than a weight basis. We will not consider a product to be 'not as described' based on a lower drained weight than net weight. 
We will not consider a product to be 'not as described' due to a <5% difference in net weight. For products sold on an 'approximate weight' basis, we will not consider the product to be 'not as described' should the actual weight differ from the approximate weight.

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