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Raxo con Patatas

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Raxo | Demos la vuelta al día


If we ask for one of the most typical dishes of Galicia, one of the first that we can go through your head is this; Raxo with potatoes.

What has? the Raxo, It is marinated pork loin, rehogado and diced always accompanied with chips, a good omelette or a Padron peppers served in many restaurants and raxerías.

For what you have not been lucky enough to try it yet, It is one of the most simple and tasty recipes that you can try Galician. Very similar to the zorza, but perhaps texture and taste smoother and less reddish.

Do you want to cook at home?

To prepare this treat just you need to make a tape back along with some garlic cloves, suffice two or three at the most, perejil, pimentón, por supuesto, liquid gold, ie oil, salt and your favorite wine.

You already have everything at hand? Good, Now is the time that meat trocees given grandecitos. Once you have this ready, you should marinate with parsley and chopped garlic cloves. Add a few drops of oil to the mixture and the rest of spices go to employ.

So the meat is soaked, braised with wine you've chosen and mixed with the above ingredients. Leave it to soak overnight, so it will take a very intense flavor.

Now it's time to fry with hot oil and sauté another splash of wine and accompany it with the ration of your choice.

Like all self-respecting Galician dish, It is perfectly paired with a good white wine to the last thing in your mouth is the perfect taste of each element that makes up this dish.

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