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Bebidas frías (cold drinks)

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Coca-cola 330ml
  • Diet-coke 330ml
  • Fanta orange 330ml
  • J2o Orange 330ml
  • Still water 330ml
  • Sparkling water 330ml
  • FANTA LEMON 330ml


Challenge 25!! ID will be required when deliver...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Súper bock 330ml 4.8Vol
  • White wine: bienvenido come pulpo bebe vino 750ml 11VOL
  • Cune Rioja Tempranilllo crianza 750ml 13.5 Vol
  • Bardos Reserva Ribera Del Duero 2016 14.5Vol
  • San Miguel 330ml 5%VOL

TAPAS VEGETARIANAS (vegetarian tapas)

Vegetarian -Patatas bravas are originally from ...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Spicy potatoes “patatas bravas”
  • Patatas alioli
  • Spanish mix olives
  • Tortilla Española
  • Pimientos de Padrón
  • Tomato and mozzarella bread
  • Tomato and hallumi on bread

TAPAS DE PESCADO (fish tapas)

Pescatarian -Gambas a la Plancha is a classic S...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Gambas a la plancha
  • Deep fried squid (calamares)
  • Mussels “maravilla tapas”
  • Grilled octopus
  • Ensaladilla rusa (tuna salad,potatoes,egg,mayonnaise and mixed veg)
  • Gambas frías (Boiled prawns served cold

TAPAS DE CARNE (meat tapas)

Spanish meatballs, or Albondigas, are tradition...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Grandma’s Giant Meatballs Filled
  • Zorza de Pollo ''De La Vera Paprika'' .
  • Pollo ajillo (garlic chicken)
  • Chorizo al vino served with bread
  • Pan Tumaca
  • Croquetas de jamón

Main Dishes, Burgers & chicken

Grilled Angus Steak with tomatoes, triple cooke...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Angus Steak
  • De maravilla Beef burger with Chips
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Vegetarian Burger with chips
  • Secreto ibérico (pork marinated serve with potatoes)
  • Picanton Rotisserie chicken
  • Portion Chips
  • Lemon & Herbs rotisserie chicken
  • Herbs rotisserie chicken


Rainbow salad:red pepper, onion, cherry tomatoe...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Caesar salad
  • Diana salad (fetta cheese,tomato,cucumber,onions and house dressing)
  • Tuna salad (tuna,lettuce,tomatoes,boiled egg,onion with house dressing)
  • Fish salad (prawns,lettuce,tomatoes,egg with house dressing)
  • Mediterránea salad (lettuce,tomatoe,onion,cucumber,olives,beetroot,sweetcorn and house dressing)

TABLAS (Meats & Spanish Boards

Cheese selection, chorizo, ham and other cured ...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Selection of Cured Meats & Cheeses Selection,Nuts, Crackers and Bread .
  • Selection of Cheeses with crackers,Nuts,, Chutney and c
  • Selection of Cured Meats and Bread .


Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Paella Chichen & seafood
  • Whole ''6 Serves'' chicken and seafood
  • Paella fish and seafood
  • Whole “6 serves” fish and seafood
  • Paella vegetarian/vegan
  • Whole “6 serves” vegetarian/vegan
  • Paella chicken and pork
  • Whole “6 serves” chicken and pork

POSTRES (desserts)

Allergens:Please contact us for any dietary re...

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Churros
  • Tarta De Santiago (Almond cake from Galicia)
  • Tarta de queso (cheesecake)
  • Cup with strawberries cream and biscuit
  • Pineapple cream and biscuit
  • Tarta de Queso (cheescake)

Bocatas (baguette sandwich)

Homemade bocatas!!!

Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • Bacon and sausage baguette with chips
  • Baguette steak with chips (30 days mature)
  • Baguette jamón serrano with chips
  • Baguette tuna prawns with chips
  • Bocata pollo chicken


Categories: Our menu
STATUS: In Stock
  • KARNACHE (Unit/pork sausage) serve with dips and bread
  • Kebapche (Unit/minced meat with spices)served with dips and bread
  • Kufte (Unit/mixture of meats with herbs) served with dips and bread
  • Nadenica (Unit/Bulgarian country sausage)serve with dips and bread
  • Plato Luiza (serves 2) pork meat,lamb meat,mixed vegetables,haullumi,potatoes 3dips and bread
  • Plato Luiza serves one: 1 kebapche,1 kufte,1 Ganesh ko,1 zelenchuci,served with chips and bread


When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: to make people happy, that is what cooking is all about...

This tasty authentic take away from De Maravilla Tapas did not disappoint, in fact it exceeded all expectations and was a welcome difference from a traditional takeaway. The delicious taste is still lingering and the fresh produce is still now a talking point by us all. You won’t be disappointed already thinking if our next order. 😋

Siobhan Farley 


I am so impressed with this place, I cannot rate it highly enough. The food is always incredible, it is just bursting with flavour. The paella is an absolute must and I can honestly say it is the best I have ever had. The attention to detail is on point and just shows their passion for food and happy customers. The food is beautifully presented complete with garnish, just as if you’d been served it in a restaurant, and all in eco friendly packaging. This is such a lovely treat to have on the doorstep and the best takeaway experience. If you want Spanish food that will take you right back to Spain then this is the place for you. Absolutely fantastic!!



Good ordering system, precise and friendly delivery, an extra item in our bag (thank you), delicious fried squid (my favourite today for sure) and rich seafood paella was very tasty,too. I also appreciate biodegradable packaging. At this point, I'd normally say: 'we'll order again soon' but frankly, I've just ordered again! 🤩 I can't wait to try other items on the menu. and alas, we finally found a takeaway that doesn't make my bf sick!

Erika Sojkova 


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